Is the India e-Business Visa the same as an investor visa?

No, the India e-Business Visa permits qualified nationals to stay in India for short periods of time to perform business activities such as launching a business venture, acquiring or selling industrial or commercial items, and recruiting.

The investor visa for India is valid for ten years and provides the holder with permanent residency in India. Foreign residents must be able to make an initial investment of at least 100 million rupees (US$1.5 million) in an Indian firm to qualify for the investor visa.

An e-Business Visa and an investor visa have distinct qualifying conditions. You must have a valid passport and a letter from your employer or business partner saying that you are coming to India for business purposes to be eligible for an e-Business Visa. You must have a particular amount of investment cash and a business plan to be eligible for an investor visa.

If you are planning to travel to India for business purposes, you should apply for an e-Business Visa. If you are planning to travel to India to invest in businesses, you should apply for an investor visa.

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