Is the Indian e-Business Visa the same as an investor visa?

No. The India e-Business Visa permits qualified nationals to visit India for brief periods to do business activities such as establishing a firm in India, acquiring or selling industrial or commercial items, and recruiting. The India e-Business visa is valid for 1 year from the issued date.

The investor visa for India is valid for 10 years and offers the holder permanent resident status in India. To be eligible for the investor visa, foreign residents must be able to make an initial investment of at least 100 million rupees (US$1.5 million) in an Indian company.

Like the tourist e-Visa, qualified nationals may apply by filling out a simple India Business visa online form, which takes only minutes to complete.

The prerequisites for an India business e-visa are the same as for a tourist e-visa, but applicants must additionally include a Business Card with information about the host firm in India or the company with whom they want to conduct business in India. Applicants may also include a letter of invitation, if appropriate, from Indian parties that desire to do business with them, although this is not required.

The India business visa guide also indicates that a printed copy of the Approved e-Business Visa must be presented to the border officials upon arrival in India.

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