What are the required Documents for e -Visa?

When you apply for your e-Visa online you need to provide the following.

1.A JPG of the page of your passport showing your passport number. The minimum file size is 10KB and the maximum is 3MB

2.A JPG photograph. 

  • The minimum file size is 10KB and the maximum is 1MB.
  • The height and width of the photo must be equal.
  • The photo should show your full face with your eyes open.
  • You face should be in the centre of the photo.
  • The background should be a plain light colour or white.
  • There should be no shadows on your face or the background.
  • The photo must not have a border.

photo requirement

3. For e-Conference Visa only

For the e-Conference Visa applicants, you will have to provide these documents:

  • Invitation from organizer 
  • Political clearance from MEA 
  • Event clearance from MHA ( Optional)
We are a commercial website. If you use our service to get an e-Visa, you will have to pay our service fee and an Indian Government Fee. We will give you advice and support to help you with your e-Visa applications. You will have your e-Visa updated frequently, and get a decision on your e-Visa from us. If you do not use our service, you can apply in person at the Indian embassy in your country or by using the official Indian Government website. The cost of this is lower, but you do not get a refund if your e-Visa application is rejected.