What are the safest places for women to travel in India?

Over the years, many women have embraced independence and self-discovery through travel. Their journey symbolizes empowerment, breaking social norms, and challenging stereotypes associated with solo female travelers. Here we list some of the safe places for solo female travelers in India

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore, often known as Manchester or the Textile Capital of South India, is one of Tamil Nadu's most well-built and dynamic towns, with many spectacular tourist sites. Located on the banks of the Noyyal River, Coimbatore has a pleasant climate all year. This state will provide many experiences, from wealthy textile industries to surprising ones. At first appearance, individuals would not anticipate such a textile-centric city to provide them with exciting experiences.

Kochi, Kerala

Kochi, sometimes known as "Cochin," is one of India's most beautiful places. A magnificent environment and an all-weather sanctuary distinguish it as the "Queen of the Arabian Sea." Kochi's Cochin harbor, known as one of India's most photographed destinations, welcomes some of the finest luxury cruises to its shores. Once you arrive at what is also known as one of India's most serene cities, you will be unable to leave without dying from the exquisite sandalwood, powerful fragmented fragrances, and gold. 


Goa was named the "safest state for women in India" in 2017 after scoring 0.656 on the Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI). Along with its huge coastline, architectural wonders, cultural events, and delectable cuisine, the 'party capital of India' should be on any lone female traveler's bucket list.


Kovalam is well-known for its beaches and is one of India's oldest tourist attractions. It is also one of the safest places to travel alone in the country. With well-established infrastructures and security and safety measures on the beaches, this city on the Arabian Sea provides remarkable experiences throughout the voyage.


Ladakh, commonly known as 'Little Tibet,' is one of India's safest locations for lone female travelers. Strict security, a serious presence of the army, well-guarded regions, a distinct culture, exceptional hospitality to visitors, and courteous and comfortable treatment of female travelers all contribute to the Union Territory's growing popularity.


Shillong's dynamic culture and ambiance provide a friendly atmosphere for travelers. The 'Scotland of the East' is also the only state with a majority of women. Furthermore, the friendly approach and the state's stringent adherence to all safety standards make it one of the safest locations for female tourists in India.

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