What business activities are allowed under the Indian e-Business Visa?

Foreign nationals can use the e-Business Visa to visit India for business purposes. The following are the permitted business activities under the e-Business Visa:

  • Attending business events and gatherings, including conferences, seminars, workshops, and trade shows.
  • Meeting with customers and business partners: This includes meeting with prospects, existing customers, and business partners.
  • Conducting market research: This includes research into potential markets, products, and services.
  • Provision, installation, or maintenance of products or services: This includes the provision, installation, or maintenance of products or services sold or contracted in India.
  • Participation in Business Training or Training Programs: This includes participation in Business Training or Training Programs offered in India.

Foreign nationals are not permitted to work in India under the e-Business Visa. If you intend to work in India, you must get a separate form of visa, such as a work visa or a business visa.

An e-business Visa can be obtained online. The application procedure is uncomplicated. You must supply information about your passport, contact information, and the purpose of your visit. You must also give a letter from your employer or business partner saying that you are visiting India for business.

To expedite the visa application for India, you can apply through the Indian Immigration Services website. Once you complete the application and submit enough required documents, as well as the visa fees, you can expect to receive your visa in a maximum of three business days.