What happens if I overstay my Indian Visa for Turkish citizens?

One of the immediate consequences of exceeding your visa's expiration date is a monetary penalty. This penalty fluctuates and increases in accordance with the length of the visa violation. Notably, India has gradually tightened its immigration restrictions, significantly raising these fines.

The following are the fines imposed by India's Department of Homeland Security based on the amount of visa overstaying (According to 2023):

  • Visa overstays of less than 90 days will incur a fine of USD 300.00.
  • Visa overstays between 91 days and 2 years are subject to a fine of USD 400.00.
  • Stays exceeding 2 years will be subject to a fine of USD 500.00. Additionally, the Indian government has the power to impose legal penalties on tourists who overstay their permitted stay illegally.

Minor offenses seldom result in harsh legal penalties. However, if the violation is linked with illegal actions, you may be barred from entering the nation in the future.

Prolonged overstays are likewise punishable by hefty penalties under Indian law. Offenders may face up to 5 years in jail as well as a hefty fine. A lifetime ban on re-entry into the country might also be enforced.

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