What happens if you get caught working on a tourist visa in India?

A foreigner who wishes to travel to another country may need a visa, among other documents required for entry. There are different kinds of visas to enter India as a foreign national, including work visas, visitor visas and student visas, with each type having its own requirements and restrictions. The India student visa, for example, permits holders to study in India, while a standard visitor visa does not.

A visit visa is a sort of tourist visa that permits the bearer to stay in India for a certain time. This visa allows holders to visit for vacation, tourism, medical treatment, brief recreational courses, athletic, musical, or social activities, or to see friends and relatives. An Indian tourist visa does not allow you to engage in paid performances, study, work for a local firm, or apply for permanent residence status. You are also barred from undertaking full-time remote work; however, this does not prevent you from completing small assignments or doing unexpected remote work.

Working for a local employer on a tourist visa is prohibited in India. Anyone caught working for a local employer on such a visa risks deportation, having their visa revoked, and maybe facing more serious repercussions such as an entrance ban or being prosecuted with immigration fraud.


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