What is a 1-year tourist visa in India?

A one-year tourist visa in India is a multi-entry visa that permits you to remain in the country for up to 90 days on every visit (US & Japanese citizens can stay up to 180 days). The visa is valid for 365 days after it is issued. This implies you can enter India many times throughout the year, but each stay must be no more than 90 days.

You can apply for a 1-year tourist visa online through Indian Immigration Services. The application process is relatively straightforward, and you will need to provide the following documents: 

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the anticipated arrival date. Passports that are not valid will not be accepted.
  • Filled out the India Tourist Visa application form.
  • Recent passport-size photos that fulfill the specifications.
  • Proof of travel itinerary, including flight and hotel reservations.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources to meet costs during your stay in India (for example, bank statements).
  • Return or onward ticket from India confirmed.
  • Documentation to substantiate the objective of the visit (for example, a tourist itinerary, an invitation letter, event/conference information, or confirmation of Indian ties).

There are several advantages to holding a one-year tourist visa in India. For starters, it permits you to spend more time in India, giving you more opportunities to experience the nation. Second, it permits you to enter India numerous times, which is essential if you intend to visit India multiple times during the year. Third, it is a pretty simple visa to get, with a relatively fast processing period.

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