What is a medical attendant visa in India?

Indian Medical Attendant Visa is an electronic visa (e-Visa) granted by the Government of India specifically for family members or attendants accompanying patients coming to India for medical treatment. The caregivers who will be allowed to enter India with the patient holding an Indian medical e-visa can be the patient's relatives, friends, nurses, and helpers. They will also be the person to take care of the patient before and after the treatment. Generally, the Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa is granted to a maximum of two attendants accompanying a patient who holds an Indian Medical e-Visa.

You can apply for an Indian Medical Attendant Visa on the Indian Immigration Services website instead of visiting the local Indian Embassy in your country. The process of applying for this type of visa is straightforward as long as the applicant meets specific eligibility requirements. The visa requirements include a passport, a photograph of the applicant, and an eVisa number from the patient. Furthermore, applicants will be required to possess a functional email address to receive all the notifications of visa applications, as well as a valid credit card or debit card for online payment of visa fees through our website. Once being issued, an Indian Medical Attendant Visa is valid for 04 months, allowing its holders to enter Indian three times and remain there for up to 60 days. 

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