What is medical tourism in India?

Medical tourism in India, also known as medical or health tourism, is a rapidly growing kind of travel that individuals travel to India for healthcare services. This includes elective procedures as well as complex surgeries, among others. In addition to wellness tourism, India has emerged as a prominent medical tourism destination in recent years due to several advantageous factors.

  • One key factor is the expertise of the doctors and surgeons at Indian hospitals. Many are well-trained and worked in prestigious medical institutions in the United States, Europe, and other developed nations. Additionally, a significant advantage for international patients is that most doctors and nurses in India are fluent in English, facilitating effective communication and patient care.

  • Indian hospitals are facilitated with top-notch medical and diagnostic equipment from global international conglomerates, ensuring cutting-edge treatments and procedures. The country takes pride in its well-trained nursing staff, with approximately 1000 recognized nurses-training centers attached to teaching hospitals, graduating nearly 10,000 nurses annually.

  • Moreover, India's medical tourism is further enhanced by its affordability. Even budget-conscious travelers can access first-rate medical services and enjoy luxury amenities during their stay. With these compelling factors, India has positioned itself as an attractive destination for medical tourists seeking quality healthcare at competitive prices.

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