What is the climate in Jaipur?

Summer Season in Jaipur

Summers in Jaipur are quite hot, lasting from April to June. The relentless sunlight and heat make sightseeing practically impossible. Despite the heat, travelers flock to Jaipur to attend the Gangaur Festival. If you find yourself in Jaipur during the summer, try to stay cool by drinking lots of water, resting in the shade, and eating a lot of kulfis from street booths.

Monsoon Season in Jaipur

The rainy season begins in July and continues until September. Evening rains are rather regular during this time of year, helping to keep the temperature tolerable. Thunderstorms and rains refresh the city, giving it a clean appearance. The gardens are in full bloom, erupting in a riot of hues ideal for a picnic with your fellow visitors.

Winter Season in Jaipur

The "Pink City" experiences winter from November to February. In October, the weather in Jaipur is also favorable enough to warrant a visit. Winters in Jaipur are not as cold as those in adjacent Delhi, therefore this is the greatest time to come.


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