What is the difference between Indian e visa and sticker visa?

The distinction between the Indian e-Visa and the traditional sticker visa primarily lies in the application process, delivery method, types of visas available, and processing time. The e-Visa, obtained online through the official website, offers a streamlined application process wherein travelers can submit forms, upload documents, and pay fees digitally. The approval results in an electronic authorization, sent via email and requiring a printout for entry. In contrast, the sticker visa involves a physical application submitted to an Indian embassy or consulate, with the visa affixed directly to a passport page.

The e-Visa is known for its quicker processing time, making it a convenient choice for spontaneous travel plans. It caters to various purposes, including tourism, business, medical, and conferences. On the other hand, traditional sticker visas encompass a broader range of visa types and often require more extended processing times. The choice between the two depends on the traveler's preferences, urgency, and specific visa requirements. 

Considering the differences between the Indian e-Visa and traditional sticker visa, we highly recommend opting for the streamlined and efficient e-Visa process through our website. The online application allows for a hassle-free experience – from submission to approval – all within a shorter timeframe compared to the traditional sticker visa.

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