Who is not eligible for Indian e-Visa?

The following people are not eligible for an Indian e-Visa:

  • People who are visiting India for business. If you are visiting India for work, you must apply for a normal visa.
  • People fly to India for medicinal reasons. If you are visiting India for medical reasons, you must apply for a medical visa.
  • Individuals with a criminal record. If you have a criminal past, you may be unable to obtain an Indian e-Visa.
  • People who have previously been denied a visa to India. If you have previously been rejected for a visa to India, you may be ineligible for an Indian e-Visa.

Here are some additional information about Indian e-Visa:

  • The Indian e-Visa is only valid for one entry. This implies that an e-Visa may only be used to enter India once.
  • For some types of visa, you can stay in India for up to 30 days each visit with the Indian e-Visa. This implies that you can enter India many times, but each time you can only remain for up to 30 days.

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