Get DISCOUNT 40% for Holi - The World's Most Colorful Festival.

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The festive season in the world is coming soon with the world's largest colorful party waiting for you in India. The Holi Festival of Color will be a special occasion that brings you back to the “Wonderland” India, celebrated for 2 days from Purnima (full moon day) falling in the Hindu calendar, month of Phalguna, and on Saturday, March 19, 2022.


According to the legend, “Holi” is derived from "Holika" - the evil sister of the demon king, Hiranyakashipu. Because she wanted to harm her nephew Prahlada, she was burned by the power of good. The ashes after the fire are smeared on their foreheads by people to believe in the righteous power within themselves. Gradually it became a traditional Hindu and coloured powders have been used to celebrate as a game of Holi Festival until now.

Today, Holi is also combined with other art forms and activities of the Indians. Bringing new shades of love for people: meet others; play and laugh; forget and forgive; repair broken relationships; and family reunion. This will be a unique occasion for you to send special loving messages to family and friends, instead of the usual.

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