Can Singaporeans travel to India now?

Yes, citizens of Singapore can travel to India. If you have a Singaporean passport and are traveling to India, you must ensure you have the proper documentation. This includes holding a valid Indian visa, which is required for entry into India.

The Indian government established an e-Visa in 2014, which is currently available in 166 countries. Singapore is one of these countries.

Because the Indian e-Visa application is entirely online, visa processing has become less time-consuming and more accessible. There is no need to visit the Indian embassy in Singapore because the application, visa cost, and document submission are all completed online.

Depending on the purpose of your trip, you can obtain an Indian tourist visa for Singaporean nationals, a business visa, or a medical visa.

The processing time for an India visa for Singaporean nationals is up to two business days. Please apply at least two business days prior to the day you require your visa.

It's also worth noting that Singaporean nationals can only apply for an e-Visa twice per calendar year.


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