How long does it take to get an India visa from Switzerland?

Since 2014, Swiss citizens can apply for an e visa for the purpose of tourism, business, conference and medical treatment. With this type of visa, travelers can enter India easier than ever before. Instead of waiting in a long line for scheduling with embassies, the Indian government has introduced the online application system, travelers can apply for an e visa entirely online with just a smartphone or a computer within 15 minutes.

After submitting an application form, Swiss travelers can obtain an e visa via email within no more than 3 working days. Moreover, customers can choose which processing time they want. Nevertheless, they will need to pay a higher fee if they want to get an e visa sooner by applying for the Rush visa service. There are 3 types of processing time frame for waiting to obtain an e visa which provided by Indian Immigration Services as below:

  • Normal: This process option will take 3 working days for those who have plenty of time to prepare necessary documents and wait for response.
  • Urgent: Swiss citizens will obtain an Indian e visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: This type of visa is for Swiss nationals who want to obtain an e visa within 5 working days hours.