How many types of Indian e visas are there for French?

There are 04 types of Indian eVisas for French citizens, with each type of eVisa being used for different purposes. Therefore, French passport holders should choose the one that best suits their travel purpose while filling in the application form.

  • Indian e-Tourist Visa is available for 1 month, 1 year, and 5 years. French citizens can use this visa to visit India for touristic purposes such as recreation, sightseeing, and a casual visit to meet friends and relatives. For a 30-day e-Tourist Visa, the validity is 30 days from the issued date and double entries into the country are granted within this period.

Indian e-Tourist Visa (01 year / 05 years), the validity is 365 days / 05 years from the date of grant of ETA with Multiple entries and continuous stay during each visit which shall not exceed 90 days

  • Indian e-Conference visa is granted for attending a conference/ seminar/ workshop within 30 days.
  • Indian e-Medical visa: French citizens who need to receive medical treatment, including treatment under Indian systems of medicine should apply for this visa.
  • Indian e-Business visa: French nationals can enter India multiple times for business or trade purposes for up to 365 days from the date of the ETA grant, but they cannot stay consecutively here for longer than 180 days during each visit.

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