How to get around Mumbai?

Mumbai is a massive metropolis with a staggering population of 22 million people. We were stunned when we first exited the airport. There are too many people, tuk-tuks, buses, and offers coming from all sides, and it is EXTREMELY NOISY. It may be difficult to visit Mumbai without succumbing to tourist traps. Find out how to get around in Mumbai.

The easy way to get around in Mumbai - taxi

Getting a tuk-tuk is rather simple in much of India. Taxis may be found on every street corner in Mumbai. Tuk-tuks are only accessible at the city's outskirts. If you want to visit the city core, you'll need to rent a car. Expect to spend extra as a visitor. Many will try to charge you at least twice as much. We normally paid roughly 100 INR for two kilometers. It was roughly 78 INR with a meter on. You must constantly bargain the price, and in some areas, taxi drivers will refuse to go any lower. 


As a visitor, Uber is the best and most dependable method to get about. You will never find a better deal on the street than with Uber. And you will never wind up somewhere else due to a miscommunication. Get a local SIM card and Uber app as soon as possible. You will save a lot of money and anxiety since you will not have to haggle.

The local way - suburban trains

Taking local trains is simple and inexpensive. The majority of the top tourist destinations are easily accessible via the suburban train system. Trains run often. A ride should cost between 10 and 20 INR (0.15-0.25€). Some trains can become quite crowded, especially during rush hours. It is fairly typical to witness a train so crowded that people are hanging out the doors (which, by the way, are never closed). The entire train is divided into many parts; therefore, make certain you board the correct wagon.

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