Is India issuing tourist visas to US citizens?

Yes. US citizens can use a tourist visa to enter India for tourism-related purposes. Since 2014, the Indian Government has launched an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for more than 150 eligible countries to visit the country for various purposes including sightseeing, visiting relatives or friends, participating in business activities, or having medical treatment.

In addition, the Government of India also restored long-term eVisa for US nationals which are India 1 year and 5 years tourist eVisa in March 2022. The suspension on valid long-duration (10 years) regular tourist visas has also been removed and a fresh long-duration (10 years) tourist visa was granted to US citizens.

Most US travelers use 03 visa categories to enter India for leisure reasons:

  • Tourist eVisa 30 days: is valid for 01 month from the issued date, allowing a 30-day stay for US travelers with double entries into the country.
  • Tourist eVisa 1 year is a multiple entry visa that has a validity period of one year from the date of issuance. Holders of this visa will have one year to both explore India and pay a visit to their relatives, or friends there. However, continuous stay during each visit is limited to 180 days.
  • Tourist eVisa 5 years is suitable for US citizens who visit India frequently. US travelers can enter India as many times as they wish and have a total stay of up to 5 years. Like tourist eVisa 1 year, this type of visa does not permit the total number of days spent continuously on each trip exceeding 180 days.

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