What do United States citizens need to do after receiving on electronic Visa for India by email (eVisa India)

Once the visa application is processed, the Indian electronic visa is sent to the applicant’s email address. That’s why Indian Immigration Services requires the applicant to supply their email address and double-check all the data provided. We do not take any responsibility for the delays in visa application processing resulting from errors of the applicants.

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US citizens should download the visa that was sent in PDF format and print it out before traveling to India. Upon arrival, the Immigration Officials at a border checkpoint will ask them to present their valid visas along with their passports before allowing them to enter India. During their stay in India, US travelers ought to have at least a copy of their eVisa at all times. The passport US nationals use to travel to India must be the same one used to apply for a visa. In addition, it is essential that their passport remains at least 06 months validity with a minimum of 02 blank pages so that an immigration officer can place a visa sticker on it.

Travelers from the US are also recommended to obtain Indian travel insurance prior to their trip to India. This insurance not only helps their visa application be approved easier by the Government but also covers their benefits in the event of unexpected occurrences happening during their journey.

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