What should I do if my Indian Visa from Spain is refused?

If your Indian e-Visa is refused. You may violate some factors below:

  • Criminal background concealment: If the applicants conceal their criminal history from the Indian Government and get found out. Their application is certainly rejected.
  • Not submitting your full name: Make sure the applicant has typed their name properly including the given name, surname, and middle name. Do not write acronyms for your name. For example, Kyrie A Irving or Kyrie Irving instead of Kyrie Andrew Irving as illustrated in the passport.
  • Pakistani nationality: Pakistani people and people who have Pakistani relatives are not allowed to apply for an Indian e-Visa due to their policies. Pakistani applicants are necessary to visit the Indian Embassy and apply for the traditional visa.
  • Uncleared information: If the applicant’s face picture and the passport scan are blurred it makes it difficult for reading the information. Their application is certainly rejected.

Spanish applicants could apply again to India Immigration Services and write an email clearly about the situation. The customer service team will promptly contact the applicants to resolve difficult cases and instruct applicants. On the next step, you will be asked to pay a Government fee and Service fee in conjunction with providing required documents that relate to your type of e-Visa.


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