Foreign Travelers In India: How To Get A Great Experience?

User By Jenna Jolie

India is as charming as it has been the whole time, always has an attraction for foreigners and this is why India is in the top travel nations over the world with over 17 million overseas travelers in just a year of 2019. 

With a unique culture where religion appears on every side of life, this place is a destination you need to explore to feel the difference and eliminate the misunderstanding.

1. Why are foreigners visiting India?

People from other countries go to India for many reasons: tourist, business, medical treatment, visit or pilgrimages. An image of people waiting in line to enter temples or trekking through a plateau for a pilgrimage in India is a regular thing. 

In India, there are many things waiting for you to explore: cuisine, scenery, culture, religion for tourism and intelligence technology development potential, or heavy industry for business. In addition, the medical techniques of India are on a higher level than the world average. 

The great Taj Mahal tomb, one of the most majestic constructions in the world, is a destination for major travelers to India because of its sacred meaning: Built in the Agra, considered as an endless love between emperor Shah Jahan and his wife. Here, you can see how magnificent Mughal architecture is because it is one of the masterpieces of the world’s heritage.

One thing that makes India unique is the cuisine. Religion affects cuisine in how they eat food daily. In India, it is completely impossible to find beef dishes on Hinduism dining tables because in their belief, cows are God's mascot and for Muslims, eating pork is considered unclean for your body. Especially, at some places in India, people do not even eat vegetables since they believe when harvesting vegetables, creatures living around them will be affected.

Foreign travelers in India

Foreign travelers in India

2. Guidelines for foreigners visiting India

First, to enter India, you need to know some basic immigration guidelines to ensure your chances of getting accepted:

  • First thing first, you will need to provide adequate Indian e-visa requirements to apply and get entrance approval.
  • There are 28 airports and 5 seaports available for foreigners to arrive using e-visa.
  • Money exchange is a crucial part. You can exchange money in an airport or seaport when you arrive or in local banks.
  • If you are going to India for business purposes, consider gathering your related documents, such as a business card, invitation letter from an organization in India, and add them to your visa application documents.

3. Tips and interesting facts about traveling in India

To visit India, you need to know some crucial facts in order to have a great experience during your stay:

  • First and foremost, dining substances are hard to find because Indian people use hands to put their food directly into their mouths as they believe food is the present from God and they need to eat by hand to fully feel blessings in dishes.
  • Relating to hands, when you need to do something that only requires one hand, such as to receive or hold stuff, handshake, remember to use your right hand only because Indians consider the left hand to be used for hygiene activities after eliminating body waste.

Helpful tips about traveling in India

Helpful tips about traveling in India

  • Currency: the official currency of India is Rupee, and for most trading activities, people tend to use Rupee only. When you need to spend money, remember that money exchange booths in airports or banks are reliable places.
  • Language: Indians can speak English well, but their pronunciation is different from other English you have ever heard, so preparing for this can avoid some misunderstandings.
  • Respect the culture: always remember to do the same as local people do because some habits from other countries can be considered harmful and disrespectful to India. Take a pilgrimage tour as an example, when they give you a bracelet made from flowers, you should not take it off immediately. Instead, wearing it for a little time is a good way to show them your respect.

In conclusion, India Immigration Services want to point out that you should follow some simple rules before going into and exploring charming India to get a great experience. And always remember to bring your ID paper when going abroad to avoid unwanted situations. Wishing you a good trip to India!