The 8 Best Souvenirs From India To Bring Back Home

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Finding souvenirs, whether for presents or personal use, is and always will be a crucial aspect of traveling. There are countless objects that would make the ideal souvenir to take home if you were to travel to India.

India is a multicultural nation with a rich culture that can be discovered and appreciated. With such a diverse range of cultures came a variety of trinkets and mementos. You can purchase anything in India, including clothing, jewelry, and food.

In India, there are also lots of handicrafts to choose from. All around the country, you can find distinctive and distinctive works. Paintings and pottery are a few of these.

Let's dive into it. You will find some of the best souvenirs from India in this post, whether you're looking for gifts for friends, family, or yourself.

Top 8 Cool Souvenirs From India That Every Traveler Should Bring Back!

India is a beautiful country with a fantastically rich culture, and it's a favorite place for many travelers around the world to go souvenir shopping! There are so many lovely trinkets available from India, including apparel and jewelry, artwork and home furnishings, tea and spices, and much more.

Here are the top 8 cool souvenirs from India that every traveler should bring back:

Pashmina Shawls

When it comes to the best souvenirs to buy in India, it's impossible not to mention the pretty pashmina shawl. The pashmina shawls from Kashmir and Ladakh, which are produced from the wool of Tibetan mountain goats, are well-known across the world. There are many gorgeous colors and patterns for these shawls to choose from.

Pashminas are also a useful investment because you may use your new shawl as an extra layer on chilly evenings while traveling or if you intend to go to a place of worship where you are required to cover your shoulders.

If you decide to buy a Pashmina shawl, exercise caution because many of them are knockoffs. Purchase them only from recognized merchants who may provide you with a certificate.

When it comes to the best souvenirs to buy in India, it's impossible not to mention pashmina shawl

When it comes to the best souvenirs to buy in India, it's impossible not to mention pashmina shawl

Kashmiri Carpets

Compared to other carpets you could find in other nations, Indian carpets are noticeably more vibrant. The treasured carpets from Kashmir are famous across India.

Kashmiri carpets are made using opulent wool, silk, or a combination of both and include a variety of geometric motifs and designs in both traditional and modern styles.

Don't be afraid to compare prices because they will vary depending on the quality of the artisan's work, the size, and the materials used.

Spices from India

India is renowned worldwide for its delectable and aromatic cuisine, a reputation owing to the abundant use of flavorful spices grown and cultivated within the country. Whether or not one like Indian food, one cannot deny the superior quality of the spices grown there. The aroma is such that no one can ignore it.

Each region of India produces a different type of spice because of the varying climatic conditions found throughout the nation. Turmeric, cumin, and cardamom are common spices that make excellent souvenirs from India for friends or loved ones. Most grocery stores have these spices, but for the freshest selection, it's better to visit a nearby market.

While purchasing spices, you can tell the quality of the product by its color. Turmeric, for instance, can be either brilliant yellow or deep yellow in color. The higher the grade of the spice, the deeper the yellow. Additionally, you can assess the quality by gently crushing a spice between your fingers and inhaling its aroma. Premium spices are usually dried and come in sealed packaging to preserve their freshness and flavor.

Spices from India are souvenirs from India for friends or loved ones

Spices from India are souvenirs from India for friends or loved ones

Indian Tea

Tea is a vital part of Indian culture, making it one of the most famous souvenirs in India for fans of this tasty beverage.

India offers a wide variety of tea flavors, from crisp green teas to deeply flavorful chai mixes. Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, Terai tea, Kangra tea, Nilgiri tea, and Annamalai tea are some of the more well-liked tea varieties in India.

Tea enthusiasts have the wonderful opportunity to indulge in a variety of tea types while visiting India beyond those mentioned above. Visitors are able to enjoy well-known choices like Kashmiri green tea and tasty masala chai, a spiced milk tea made with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and clove. These wonderful tea drinks are widely available at street stalls and dining establishments across the nation.

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If you fancy good souvenirs from India with a touch of luxury, you might consider treating yourself to items of jewellery. Well, Indian jewelry has a distinct personality and is renowned for its intricate yet feminine patterns. 

In India, exquisite gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are frequently incorporated into jewelry, making them captivating souvenirs. While not all Indian jewelry features precious stones, many equally beautiful pieces are crafted from materials like glass beads and other artistic elements.

Whether you desire a striking and dazzling ornament or something more subtle and elegant, India is where you'll locate the ideal jewelry item.

You might consider treating yourself to items of Indian jewellery

You might consider treating yourself to items of Indian jewellery

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are yet another wonderful memento that will bring back happy memories of India once you return home. During your visit to India, you'll probably notice that the air is frequently filled with the aroma of these sticks because they are a necessary component of Indian prayers and ceremonies.

Pick up some incense sticks if you're searching for a relaxing keepsake in India. Also, they are thought to offer therapeutic advantages, such as reducing stress and anxiety. There are many different types of incense, but Nag Champa is a particular favorite among travelers.


The saree stands as the quintessential representation of India's traditional attire, particularly for women, with over 25 distinct designs and textures. Every region in the country boasts its unique variety of saree, contributing to the rich diversity of this garment.

Many visitors purchase sarees as the best gifts to bring back from India. If you intend to acquire a saree as a memento, do some research to make sure you get a high-quality, well-made item that can withstand some wear and tear.

Many visitors purchase sarees as the best gifts to bring back from India

Many visitors purchase sarees as the best gifts to bring back from India

1. Buy from Certified Outlets

When purchasing high-value items like jewelry or Pashmina shawls, ensure that you buy from reputable and certified outlets. Look for government-approved stores or trusted brands that offer authentic products.

2. Engage in Respectful Bargaining:

Bargaining is a common practice in Indian markets and bazaars, and it can be an enjoyable experience if done respectfully. Sellers often quote higher prices initially, expecting customers to negotiate. Remember to maintain a friendly and respectful demeanor during the bargaining process. A good rule of thumb is to start with a counteroffer that is around 30-40% of the initial price and negotiate from there.

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3. Pack Fragile Items Carefully

If you purchase delicate items like pottery, glassware, or artwork, ensure you pack them carefully for transportation. Use bubble wrap, newspaper, or soft clothing to protect them from potential damage during your journey back home.

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Before applying, ensure that your passport has a validity of at least six months from the date of your intended arrival in India. Also, check the Indian visa requirements to determine if your country is eligible to apply online.

Applying for an India eVisa simplifies the visa process and makes your travel preparations more convenient, allowing you to focus on enjoying your exploration of vibrant culture and finding the perfect top souvenirs from India to take back home.