The best tips to prepare for your vacation to India with traditional food of India

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India is one of the nations with the widest variety of cultures, languages, and climatic conditions in the world, and this diversity is represented in its culinary traditions. Each city on this continent has a distinctive culinary style and range of flavors. This is truly a paradise for foodies where they can find various types of tasty foods. Every location has its unique flavors and cooking methods. Let’s discover the top 05 locations to enjoy the traditional food of India, from the north to the south and everything in between.

Top 5 Paradise Cities To Savor Traditional Food Of India

1. Delhi

For foodies, the country's capital is also renowned as the food capital of India. The food in Delhi is one of the city's lifelines and a center for tradition, architecture, history, and power. The cuisine of Delhi mixes flavors and ingredients from diverse cultures, religions, and ways of life that it supports. You may taste the best eating alternatives here, with a wide range of cuisines available, including Chinese, Continental, Thai, Mexican, Mughal, South Indian, and a slight domination of North Indian and Punjabi recipes.

Street food is another excellent, delectable, and exciting choice that helps to define traditional dishes. You cannot truly understand India unless you have tried its street food. Local Indians offer some of the best traditional foods in India that are well known for their amazing Butter Chicken and a variety of other street foods, including Chaat and Chhole Bhature. Nihaari, Daulat ki Chaat, Moth Kachori, and Kesar Lassi are some of the must-try foods in Delhi.

Without experiencing some of its famous food routes, a visit to this Indian metropolis for eaters would be incomplete. Numerous parathas with various fillings, including mashed potato, radish, onion, and even cheese, are available at Parathe Wali Gali. You can stroll through Sadar Bazar and stop by Sitaram Diwanchand's for some incredible choley bhature or go to Chandni Chowk early in the morning and try the delicacies made by Kallu Nihari wale.

Delhi - the place to enjoy traditional food of India

Delhi - the place to enjoy traditional food of India

2. Mumbai

Mumbai is undoubtedly the nation's holy grail for foodies, boasting an impressive variety of both conventional and cutting-edge eateries, deli-style cafes, vintage bars, and food carts. Mumbai provides a diverse range of food, from cheap street food to famous food of India like Mangalorean seafood, Goan Vindaloo, South Indian and Konkani Coastal meals, Maharashtrian fare, Mughlai Kebabs, Kerala and Gujarati Thalis, and multinational dishes like Continental, Modern American, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, European, and Persian. 

A vacation to the City of Dreams, however, would be incomplete without sampling its signature dishes, pav bhaji and vada pav (deep-fried potato dumplings in a bun), as well as Masala chai. Mumbai has a huge, diverse, and abundant culinary scene available every day and can satisfy every taste.

Mumbai - is one of the places to enjoy the famous food of India

Mumbai - is one of the places to enjoy the famous food of India

3. Kolkata

Kolkata is another fantastic location to try some of the best regional street cuisines when it comes to the mouthwatering kinds of street food in India. Kolkata has an endless array of the best culinary treats, from the divine Kathi rolls and hot jhaalmuri to the succulent Bengali desserts roshogullas and sondesh.

For the tastiest puchkas and papdi-chaat in the city, head to Bhawanipore or the Maharaja Chaat Centre on Southern Avenue. It will be enjoyable to try some mouthwatering Kathi Kebab Rolls at Kusum Rolls in Park Street and Nizam's in New Market. If you have a sweet taste, Chanar Jalebi on College Street will satisfy you with a surprising combination of gulab jamun and jalebi!

Obviously, if you don't eat any of the many different fish specialties that Kolkata has to offer, your tour in the city won't be complete. The famed Kolkata fish fry, referred to as "Mach Bhaja," is best enjoyed in Tollygunge. Additionally, one of the best Indian street dishes is the Kabiraji cutlet at Mitra Cafe in Golpark.

4. Sikkim

Sikkimese food is even less hot while being excellent and fresh. The food in this region borrows flavors, ingredients, techniques, and other components from Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet; thus, it also generally follows the same pattern. It finds inspiration in everything it encounters, including the various cultures and religions it supports.

Sikkim, where people mostly consume rice, has a delicate yet natural blending of everything in and around it. This charming hill town is well known for its distinctive cuisine, which is mostly a blend of Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine. It provides the ideal culinary experience. While Momos, Thukpa, and the regional beer "Chang" are staples of the cuisine, given the region's unique ecosystem, fermented foods are a favorite. The vibrant and flavorful cuisine of Sikkim is created by adding real and exquisite soups, pickles, and a variety of meat and vegetable specialties.

5. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the northeastern Indian states. Like all the other North-Eastern states, its tradition and culture are a major draw for foreign tourists. The cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh is a hot topic since it is an integral component of North East Indian culture and satisfies travelers' desire to learn about the foreign. The most essential thing you need to know about the Arunachal Pradesh cuisine is that it varies depending on the tribe.

People in Arunachal are more reliant on bamboo and other exclusively cooked green vegetables as you approach the eastern part of the state. People like to eat boiled or smoked food, thus fried food isn't extremely popular. Dairy products are used more frequently as you get closer to Tawang and other locations in Tibet. People who live closest to the city depend more on common everyday items.

Arunachal Pradesh is the ideal place to try traditional food of India

Arunachal Pradesh is the ideal place to try traditional food of India

Indian food is well-known worldwide as the "land of spices" for a reason. Did you know that no other country in the world produces as many different spices as India? 

The majority of traditional dishes of India are cooked with spices, which enhance flavor and make food very healthful. Many foreigners are reluctant to try spicy meals. However, as soon as you start trying various Indian dishes, you learn that they are not all really hot. They are the ideal fusion of your favorite flavors—sweet, salty, sour, astringent, spicy, etc.

Some recommended traditional food of India are advised to add into must-try dishes for novice travelers:

  • Butter chicken is mouth-watering, delicate chicken cooked in spiced pureed tomatoes and milk cream over a pan. 
  • Samosas are fried/baked pastries with savory fillings.
  • Matar paneer is considered to be a very healthy Indian food and is a must-try dish when having an Indian trip. 
  • Kashmiri: Known for its marvelous red color, a good rogan josh uses ample measures of dried Kashmiri chilies. 
  • Tandoori chicken is a famous North Indian dish of grilled chicken with curd and Indian spices. 
  • Hybridabadi biriyani is a finger-licking South Indian preparation of basmati rice, goat, lamb, or chicken meat, lemon, yogurt, onions, and saffron.

Traditional dishes of India

Traditional dishes of India

Indian cuisine has so many distinct flavors that sampling every Indian dish in existence can be difficult. Give these tantalizing dishes a try though, since they represent the pinnacle of Indian food!

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