Experience Vast Subcontinent With The Gorgeous Fairs And Festivals In India

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Mother Nature has endowed India with an alluring land of colorful diversity where visitors can enjoy and experience the unique culture as well as fairs and festivals in India. That diversity is reflected in traditional festivals imbued with national identity, attracting international tourists. With its lavish blend of traditions, spiritual beliefs, festivals, architecture, and landscapes, visitors will be forever mesmerized by India's breathtaking charm.

Diwali - Among Cultural Celebrations In India Where Your Heart Will Dance to Rhythm

Diwali is one of the cultural celebrations in India which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. The dates of the Diwali festival are based on the Hindu lunar calendar, which is marked as the beginning of the Happy New Year. This festival takes place from the night of the 28th Ashwin (October) to the 2nd month of Kartika (November). 

Diwali is widely celebrated because it’s an important religious festival for Hindus, and each region in India celebrates its customs. What most common, though, are the abundance of sweets, family gatherings, and the lighting of clay lamps that symbolize the inner light that protects each household from spiritual darkness. During the main day of Diwali, people worship Goddess Laxmi for the blessing of wealth and health.

Especially, on the occasion of Diwali, all the decorations, as well as redoing of the home, are done at midnight. This festival symbolizes unity in diversity; thus, people across the country will simultaneously decorate colorful lanterns with the desire to repel darkness and poverty, bringing a prosperous and happy life. Besides, one of the most impressive points of the festival is the flares that are lit everywhere to form a highly bright picture of light.

Diwali Where Your Heart Will Dance to Rhythm With Cultural Celebrations In India.

Diwali Where Your Heart Will Dance to Rhythm With Cultural Celebrations In India.

Holi Festival - The Most Famous Festivals Of India

It will be lucky if you visit India at the end of February or March because you have the opportunity to participate in one of the most famous festivals of India, the Holi Festival. This festival marks the beginning of spring after a long winter. Initially, Holi Festival was observed in India and Nepal, but it has now spread to several cultures all over the world. The Holi Festival is claimed to have started as a celebration for newlywed ladies to bring happiness and good fortune to their new families. But after that, a lot of other things were added to the festival. Now, the victory of virtue over evil is a symbol of the Holi Festival. 

During this Festival, people throw colored powder into the air, enveloping all attendees with vibrant colors. The colors used for Holi used to be made from flowers and herbs, which in India's hot climate tend to generate vibrant natural dyes, but they are now typically synthetic. Besides that, colors in Holi Festival carry different meanings in a religious sense and represent many different things, be it sin in a way or mean a vibrant life. With exotic flowers, hand-painted rickshaws, light-covered trucks, and vibrant paintings of deities, it is no doubt that Holi is one of the most gorgeously colorful festivals on the planet.

Immerse Yourself In Holi Festival To Enjoy The Most Famous Festivals Of India

Immerse Yourself In Holi Festival To Enjoy The Most Famous Festivals Of India

It’s Worth Being A Part Of The Dazzling Biggest Festival Of India

Since India is the country where Buddhism first appeared and is home to more than 9 million Buddhist followers, the Poornima Buddhist Festival is the biggest festival of India. This festival is celebrated all over India, especially in Dharamsala, the leading center of Buddhism in the country that marks the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. During this holiday, Indian Buddhists wear white, people gather in the temples before dawn for a ceremony where the Buddhist Flag is hoisted, and sing hymns to honor their three gems. 

The festival is usually held on the Full Moon day of April or May. The Buddha statue is maintained in an exquisitely florally adorned water basin. Buddhists believe that pouring water on the Buddha statue symbolizes the cleansing of their negative karma and marks the beginning of a new life. Besides, many activities are performed to commemorate the birth of Buddha such as recital of Buddhist scriptures, religious discussions and sermons, group meditations, and worship of the Buddha's idol. Take a chance to explore the vibrant culture of India and mingle with the friendly locals.

Come To India To Be A Part Of The Dazzling Biggest Festival Of India

Come To India To Be A Part Of The Dazzling Biggest Festival Of India

India is a perfect country for travelers seeking a taste of the country's distinct biodiversity. Along with that, fairs and festivals of India are not only highly spiritual but also a beauty in the culture and life of the people of this country. That's why India is attracting more and more tourists. 

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