What You Need To Know About India E-visa Photo Requirements

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Applicants may have many questions regarding photo requirements for their India e-visa, specially the size and background of the image. So keep reading this article to learn more about India eVisa photo requirements for applicants.

For many travelers, India is one of the most ideal destinations for their holidays with friends and family. There are more and more international visitors traveling to this country to see the ancient ruins, tropical islands, unique culture and tribes that bring them unforgettable experiences.

Before having a trip to India, you have to prepare some important things including your flight tickets, travel itinerary as well as your India visa. Since 2014, The Government of India has launched an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) that makes it easier for foreigners to obtain a visa to India. It is used for different purposes such as tourism, business, conference or medical treatment. Without waiting for several hours and filling out the paperwork at the Embassy of India, applicants now can use an e-visa to enter this country in the most convenient way.

India evisa photo requirements

India evisa photo requirements

1. The India eVisa photo requirements by the India Immigration & Evisa Portal

For applicants who want to shorten the time to prepare the necessary documents to meet the India eVisa photo requirements, India Immigration & Evisa Portal service will be a good choice. When choosing GIS, all you need to do is send us your recent photo that has a clear face and background with a photo of the biographical page of your passport, our experienced staffs will assist you with the rest.

Generally, not only your photo, all procedures you need to conduct would be much simpler and easier when What are the required Documents for e -Visa? with us.

2. The image for an India eVisa photo follow instructions of the government

The Government of India has imposed some photo requirements for an India evisa for international visitors. According to this, the digital photograph that the applicant use for their visa application should meet such requirements as following:

  • Format - JPEG
  • The Indian visa photo size:
  • Minimum 10 KB
  • Maximum 1 MB
  • The height of the photo must be equal to its width.
  • The photo should show the entire face, front view, eyes open, and without spectacles.
  • Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin
  • The color of background should be plain light, or white.
  • The face or the background has no shadows.
  • The photo has no borders.

Regarding the scanned bio page of the passport, it must be in PDF format and has a minimum size of 10 KB and 300 KB for the maximum size.

Other document for Business/Medical Purpose

  • Format -PDF
  • Size : Minimum 10 KB ,Maximum 300 KB

Regarding your passport photo, you have to prepare a scan of the biological page of your passport which is still valid for at least six months from the arrival date. This photograph has a size of minimum 10 KB and a maximum of 300 KB. In case you find it difficult to estimate the appropriate size, you can send us your photos via email [email protected]. then we will be happy to assist you.

3. Other Indian visa photo specifications

Besides the image size, the background is also an important matter that you should consider when applying for the India e-visa. It should be a plain, light-coloured or white background with your face in the center of the photo.

Your face must be visible without sunglasses, hats, or hijab while your mouth closed to maintain a suitable facial expression for the photo requirements. It is also important to note that your eyes are fully open in the India e-visa photo.

You should also make sure that there are no people, pictures or other objects in the background. In addition, there should be no shadows on your face, otherwise, your e-visa application may be rejected.

If your photo does not meet those Indian visa photo specifications, it may cause a delay or even the rejection of your visa application. You should carefully check all the details to ensure that you have a suitable photograph to obtain an evisa.

India visa photo specifications

India visa photo specifications

4. Guidelines to take a suitable India e-visa photograph

To make sure you meet the photo requirements for an Indian eVisa photo, we provide you some useful tips for your good quality photo to apply for an India e-visa:
Find the background with a plain, light, or white color. It is much better to use natural light for your photo.
  • Remove all the unnecessary accessories such as sunglasses, hijab, hats, masks
  • Look at the camera and ensure that all parts of your face, from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin are in the frame.
  • Double check your photo to make sure there are no shadows or other subjects in the background.

To successfully apply for an India e-visa, applicants are also required to prepare other important documents. They include a personal email address to get your e-visa and some additional documents depending on the purpose of your visa application.

For example, if you apply for an e-Medical visa, you have to present an invitation letter from an Indian hospital or a Medical center. For e-Conference visa type, an invitation letter from the organizer and a Political clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India must be submitted.

Read more: What are the required Documents for e -Visa? about requirements for your Indian evisa.

We hope that these information will be helpful to you when you apply for an Indian evisa. For more enquiries about your India evisa photo requirements, you can contact us via email: [email protected].